Women on Wikipedia Edit-a-thon: Welcome

Information and resources relevant to the Women on Wikipedia Edit-a-thon hosted at RIT on Saturday, March 25th from 10am-4pm

Welcome to the Women on Wikipedia Edit-a-thon!

Thank you for participating in the Women on Wikipedia Edit-a-thon!

Did you know?
  • 16.1% of Wikipedia editors are female (overall)
  • 22.7% of U.S. Wikipedia editors are female
  • Family relationships, and gender are mentioned far more in articles about women vs. men

Today's event is being held in honor of Women's History Month. Our goal is to build the body of knowledge about women on Wikipedia, while also getting more women interested in editing entries today and in the future.

The information you need to get started is listed below. Questions? Look for a volunteer wearing a bright purple shirt!


  • Be bold! You will learn to edit Wikipedia best by DOING. Make good faith edits and do not worry about making mistakes. Nothing is lost on Wikipedia, any edit can be undone.
  • Respect your fellow Wikipedians! Be kind to those whose work you edit and to those who edit your work. Others will edit what you write. Do not take it personally.
  • Keep an open mind.
  • All edits should be explained in your edit summary or in a discussion on the talk page for the article. Big changes to an article might take place according to consensus reached in a discussion on the talk page. The talk page can give insight into the history and evolution of the article.


  • Training will be offered on the 00s and 30s at the Collaboration Station
  • One-on-one assistance is also available...just look for a volunteer wearing a bright purple shirt

Getting Online

  • Current RIT students, faculty, and staff can connect to the RIT wireless network with their own device, check out a laptop from the circulation desk (two forms of photo ID required), or sign onto any of the public computers using their RIT username and password
  • Guests who have brought their own device can connect using the RIT-Guest wireless network by following the instructions listed here: https://www.rit.edu/its/resnet/rit-guest-wireless
  • Guests who did not bring their own device can use one of our public computers – stop by the circulation desk to apply for a temporary guest computer account (government-issued ID required)

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