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College of Science; College of Health Sciences & Technology Librarian

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Dr. Adwoa Boateng
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The Wallace Center
College of Health Sciences and Technology, College of Science/Imaging Science
Librarian/Library Liaison
Wallace Building 5, rm# 1424


PHYA 761 PHYA 420
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Jun 22, 2015
Summer semester PHYA 761 - Professional Practice I Fall semester PHYA 420 - Physician Assistant PA Seminar This guide is designed for the PA preparing for Summer clinical rounds and completing PICO/EBM assignments.
Tags: 420, 761, clinical rounds, health, medicine, pa, phya, phya 761, physician assistant, professional practice
BIO 130 Introduction to Bioinformatics
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Nov 6, 2014
This library guide is to assist you with your final paper on one area of bioinformatics, which you find particularly interesting. Databases have been provided to assist your overview of a topic and how it relates to or supports biological research.
Tags: 130, bio, bioinformatics, biol30, biology, genetics, medicine
BIOL 101 - General Biology 101, 102,103,104 122
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated May 19, 2015
Information research guide for General Biology I, II courses
Tags: biochemistry, biol, biol101, biol102, biol103, biol104, biology, chemistry, environment, general biology, lab
BIOL 207 - 01 Galapagos: Ecology and Evolution 1/26/2015 - 5/13/2015
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Mar 16, 2015
This library guide is designed to provide additional resources for the lecture course which is to be followed by a 14-day field trip to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands.
Tags: 207, biol, biol207, environment; galapagos
BIOL 122 Biology II Introductory Biology
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Jun 10, 2014
Guide Purpose: To provide links to information that support course topics e.g.: plant anatomy/physiology, animal anatomy/physiology,ecology, taxonomy, plants/animal adaptations, ecological relationships among organisms/ environments.
Tags: biochemistry, biol, biol101, biol102, biol103, biol104, biol122, environment
BIOL 599 Research Based Writing Seminar
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Feb 25, 2015
This library guide is for students working with faculty as they review submissions of manuscripts for publication or write proposals for funding. Subjects: biology education research, nanoparticles, environment science and sea urchin biology development.
Tags: biol599, biology, bird, bird nutrition, education, environment, nanoparticles, sea urchin, writing
CHEM 670 - 01 Graduate Chemistry Writing
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Jan 29, 2015
This link to this guide will be available during your thesis development process while at College of Science. The guide is designed to introduce you to appropriate literature sources, literature citing and writing methods.
Tags: chemistry; writing; chemistry graduate; chem670
CHEM 130-01 Chemistry Connections
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Feb 10, 2015
This guide is designed for first year chemistry and biochemistry majors. Topics covered: chemical safety, ethics, database searching, citation protocol, product develoment, laboratory experiences, career options at RIT and beyond.
Tags: biochemistry, chem130, chemistry, chemistry connections
DDDD599 - 01 3D Digital Design Independent Study e-Nable
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Mar 2, 2015
e-NABLE created by Jon Schull, is a global volunteer network for 3D printed prosthetics. This library guide was created by RIT's science librarian for students seeking 3D printing research projects.
Tags: 1010-252, 1010-255, anatomy, assistive technology, chem130, chem151, chemical engineering, chemistry, co-op, community, engineering, engineering technology, field experience, health, innovation, medical, printing, project, prosthetics, sustainability
DMSO 460 - Administration and Research in Sonography
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Jul 1, 2015
Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program Library Resources
Tags: biology, health, imaging science, medicine, meds, sonography, ultrasound
ENVS 205 - Biology of Bird Banding
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated May 19, 2015
Resources for RIT bird courses , faculty research and seminars
Tags: biol, biology, cos
HLTH 702 - Graduate Writing Strategies for Health Systems Administration
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Dec 19, 2014
This guide supports the Health Systems Administration courses. The purpose of the guide is to lead you to books, journals, databases, library services and other resources needed for your research.
Tags: 0635, biology, chst, health, hlth, medicine
IMGS 181 - 01 Innovative Freshman Experience I
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Nov 10, 2014
This guide is designed to assist students building systems that incorporate models and theories from the imaging science, engineering, physics, math and computer science fields.
Tags: imaging science, imgs 181, imgs;
IMGS 351 - Color Science
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Nov 10, 2014
This guide is designed for Color Science graduate students
Tags: color science, imaging science
IMGS 606 - 01 Graduate Seminar I
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Nov 10, 2014
This guide is designed to support graduate students involved with research activities in the Carlson Center and at RIT,
Tags: color science, imaging science, imaging science graduates, imgs606, optics, photonics, remote sensing, sensors
IMGS 221-01 Vision and Psychophysics
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Jun 18, 2014
This guide highlights library materials that cover the function of the human visual system and visual perception. This guide focuses on the physiological and mechanics of the eye. Example keywords to use are eye, vision, opthalmology, optometry,etc.
Tags: cos, eye, health, imaging, imgs 221 - 01 vision & psychophysics, imgs 221-01, medical, ophthalmology, optometry, science, vision, vision and psychophysics
ITDS 370 Discipline Based Education Research (DBER) Methods and Theory course
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Mar 31, 2015
This guide will focus on Discipline Based Education Research incl.1. Foundational Research 2. Early-Stage, Exploratory Research, 3. Design & Development, 4. Efficacy 5. Effectiveness & 6. Scale-up studies. NOTE: content updating in process.
Tags: dber, discipline based research, education, education research, itds389, special topics
MATH 606 - 01 Graduate Seminar I
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Dec 19, 2014
This library guide is designed to provide information resources for mathematical research. Contact me for literature review and writing assistance, as you develop your Master thesis proposal.
Tags: 606, graduate seminar, math, math graduate seminar, math606
MEDS 295 - Sports Physiology & Life Fitness
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Mar 12, 2015
Additional RIT Sports Exercise and Medicine related courses: MEDS 298 - Strength Training for Performance MEDS 350 - Exercise Physiology MEDS 351 - Sports Psychology
Tags: athletes, chst, exercise, olympics, physical education, physical training, sports, sports nutrition; meds 298 - strength training for performance ;
NUTR 402 - 01L1 Dietetic Environment
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated May 1, 2015
This guide is designed for 3rd year plus students, exploring the profession of dietetics , practice trends and career options.
Tags: dietetic, nutr, nutr 402-01l1, nutrition; dietetic nutrition
Quality and Applied Statistics
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Jul 20, 2015
This guide is for graduate students in the Center for Quality and Applied Statistics. It supplements instruction provided in Grad Seminar.
Tags: applied statistics, cqas, quality, statistics
Summer Research with COS/CHST faculty
by Adwoa Boateng - Last Updated Jun 16, 2015
This guide is for students working with professors on summer semester projects . Some of you may be part of the NSF REU Summer Experience
Tags: biology, chemistry, imaging science, mathematics, medicine, nsf reu; science careers

Professional Background



SERVICES PROVIDED:  information research/citing assistance, classroom instruction, qualitative research project assistance (Atlas.ti software).


  • I am a researcher interested in paradigm shifts involving endusers with information in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields.
  • STEM career: laboratory tech.-manufacturing (G.E, Corning.), technical information specialist, library manager-R & D laboratories (Corning, Bausch & Lomb), knowledge management consultant, business service analyst, trainer in the IT industry, Xerox and the US Patent & Trademark office. 
  • Undergraduate degrees: Medical Technology-Biochemistry, Education and Information Systems Management.
  • Graduate degrees : Education, Information Studies, Education Executive Leadership.

 RIT COMMUNITY PARTICIPATION: Science and Mathematics Education Research Collaborative (SMERC) member, RIT Undergraduate Symposium invited judge, Gray Matter planning team member,  MCAS Summer Bridge /RCSD library liaison volunteer and Isaac Jordan Award selection committee member.