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Turnitin Faculty Accounts

Faculty are encouraged to use Turnitin (i.e. Originality Check) via the myCourses Dropbox whenever possible. If the myCourses Dropbox is not sufficient for your needs, teaching faculty and faculty advisers may request to have a direct account created on the Turnitin system. This allows you to generate originality reports yourself without needing to go through the Turnitin Administrator each time.  Outside of using the Originality Check feature built into the myCourses Dropbox, this is the preferred method for faculty requests - particularly if more than one report is needed.

It is recommended that you review the Provost's guidelines on "Electronic Plagiarism Checking Services" before requesting an account on the Turnitin system.

To setup your account for the first time, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Email the Turnitin Administrator (Lara Nicosia at turnitin@rit.edu) to request access to the system. You should receive a response within one business day.
  2. Once the Turnitin Administrator has added you to the system, you will receive an email to your RIT account explaining how to login. Your username will be your RIT email address. Upon logging in, you will need to change your password.

Once you have an active account on the Turnitin system, you can create classes and assignments to help manage submissions. In order to submit a paper for originality checking, you will need to create an active assignment using the following steps:

  1. Login to Turnitin and click the "Add a Class" button. Complete the required fields for your class section.
  2. After a class has been created, click the class name and then click the "Add Assignment" button to create an assignment shell.
  3. To the right of each assignment you create will see a dropdown menu for "More actions." From this menu, choose "Submit" to upload assignments and generate originality reports using the Turnitin system. Note: At the top of the submission page, there is an option to choose "Single File Upload" or "Multiple File Upload." Choosing "Multiple File Upload" will allow you to generate reports for a batch of papers.

The video tutorial below demonstrates how to submit a paper for originality checking on the Turnitin system. There is no sound throughout the video.

Disclaimer: The Turnitin Administrator and Wallace Center Staff cannot interpret Turnitin results nor determine if a particular instance constitutes plagiarism.
Information and related materials are subject to change without notice.
Last Updated: November 5, 2015

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