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PHAR 101 Photographic Arts: Browsing



This page is to help you browse for the book share project -- it is an awesome project --  it helps you DISCOVER new photographers/artists!

Monographs (books, exhibition catalogs, theses on a single topic) and periodicals (magazines, journals, newsletters, bulletins, annuals) are grouped on the library shelves by subject using the Library of Congress Classification System. Although most photography material is classified as "TR: Photography," other materials on various topics related to photography can be found at other classification numbers. Consult the library catalog, to ensure a complete search of the library's holdings on your topic.


1-11     General works on photography (periodicals, directories, dictionaries)

15      General history of photography

140     Biographies of photographers

287-500 Photographic processing, darkroom techniques

504      Transparencies, diapositives

510-545 Color photography

550      Studio and laboratory

590      Lighting

624      Applied photography
           (techniques for special fields)

640-685  Artistic photography including works about individual photographers

651     1800 to 1850

652     1851 to 1900

653     1900 to 1950

654     1950 to the present

679     Fashion photography

690    Commercial photography

692    Scientific, technical applications

708    Medical Photography

721-729     Nature Photography

820     Photojournalism

845    Cinematography, motion pictures

925    Photomechanical reproduction



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