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Zoom Meetings: Host Perspective---Tips: Before: Camera & Sitting Position

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2021 9:24 AM

Before: Getting Ready-Camera & Sitting Position

Set Up Camera and Sitting Position

  • Set up illuminate from in front of you - Light on the face and upper body
  • Plain and contrasting color (to skin color)  background
  • Virtual backgrounds and the blur background feature make communication more difficult, it is harder for the interpreter or DHH to read or follow signs and speech-read because the picture disappears, the edges blur, distort, or disappear (fingerspelling, numbers, and signs disappear) 
  • Cover any windows near enough to create glare, especially behind or close to the sides of your setup
  • Sit so your face and upper body are framed within the Zoom tile - avoid framing only your neck up, for clear communication support
  • If you are signing, look at your screen throughout the meeting to ensure that your hands are visible. You may be too close to the screen and need to sit back. 
  • Open your video and look at yourself. Are you too far down? Are you tilting your head back to be seen and to see others?  Are you cut off at the top, bottom or sides? 

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