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PHYA -730 Research Methods: AFTER RIT

Supports professor's introduction to research methodology and design instruction for 4th/5th year students. Course project examples-:clinical practice essay, PA curriculum development, medically-related community service

The Role of Information

                           KEY POINTS




  • Information is a tool and a product you will continue to use after RIT


  • You still have to question 1. your information source and 2. its content. (who,what,why,where , how, bias, procedure repeatability, retracted)


  • Conduct background literature reviews and clinical literature (meta-analysis, systematic reviews, RCT, Cohort studies, etc).




  • Databases existed before Google/GoogleScholar and library webpage search engines (RIT-Summon)


  • Most databases require subscriptions except free government databases(Medline/Pubmed/USDA/ERIC)


  • Fulltext article access depends on your work location/professional association benefits.



All libraries never have access to all journals and books.

Inquire about library services including interlibrary loan at your work location and in your city.

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