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HLTH 718 Evidence Based Management Practices in Healthcare: 2. Ways to begin: Databases, GoogleScholar search engine, SUMMON library webpage engine


Multiple search choices

You have many options to use to search for information:

  1. Databases:

Medical/Health clinical focus:

  • Cochrane(abstracts only) with IDS interlibrary loan service. Not all topics are selected by Cochrane so if you get zero results then use Pubmed afterwards
  • Pubmed/Mediline check the MeSH index for controlled keywords

Multi focus subject focus:

  • Proquest use for management/administration subject coverage
  • Web of Science,use to find the most cited research/paper
  • ScienceDirect -ideal for international comparisons, etc.: filter results with "systematic reviews" or case studies"

2.Google Scholar with More@RIT fulltext article app, Use fKeywords with  "systematic reviews" or  RCT or "case studies"

          3. Summon the library's webpage search box/engine filter results with "systematic reviews" or case studies"

Takeaway: Best type of article to retrieve

  1. original research article (primary source)
  2. systematic reviewed journal articles
  3. meta-analysis (statiscs focused) reviewed journal articles
  4. Random controlled trials (RCT)  ( Pubmed/Medline, Cochrane databases)
  5. New type of publication - **dataset journal article (original data only)

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