Using EndNote with LaTeX/BibTeX: About LaTeX and BibTeX

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About LaTeX and BibTeX

LaTeX is a document preparation system for typesetting, used to prepare journal articles and other types of professional papers. Similar to HTML, LaTeX is a markup language. Using LaTeX, writers can focus on entering contents of their paper instead of focusing on the document design. LaTeX converts a plain text file containing formatting commands into a formatted document responding to these commands. This system is commonly used with technical papers because it supports the typesetting of mathematical formulas as well as foreign characters.


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Used in conjunction with LaTeXBibTeX is a tool that develops and formats bibliographies. A BibTeX file contains the file extension ".bib."

In a BibTeX file, users can manually input each reference into the file.

Although it is possible to format a bibliography in LaTeX without BibTeX, BibTeX makes the typsetting of longer bibliographies easier.




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