EXSC 150 Intro to Exercise Science: Introduction



 EXSC 150 Introduction to Exercise Science

Class Agenda

Research Topic: Measurement techniques for assessing aerobic capacity

Keyword searching strategy:  Think before you type to save time

P         are you looking for information on a population or patient or specific problem?

I           are you looking for a method/intervention?

C          are you looking for articles that provide comparisons?

O         what type of outcome/output are you looking for in the articles you need to read?

Keyword selection while searching: ypu may have to use alternative words which authors use like synonyms for example: in stead of techniques use methods or procedure or practice,

  1. Filter search results by:
    • population/patient e.g. athletes versus elderly or children
    • problem e.g. heart rate, athlete speed
    • specific person or place
    • publication year
    • specific method
    • equipment treadmill versus bicycle
    • location urban versus rural or by countries


  1. Start with Summon. Learn how to filter out your results, navigate Summon and save your citations
  2. Compare your results with GoogleScholar
  3. Set up your free interlibrary loan account
  4. Set up your ENDNOTE username/password
  5. Download the CITE WHILE YOU WRITE to your personal mac/pc
  • Use this guide as a link to the library's free resources and services

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