HSPT 490 Senior Project: Articles



Go through the PowerPoint and the YouTube video below for guidance on searching for articles for this project. Both items can be expanded to full screen. Start your research with ProQuest linked immediately below. There are also more specialized databases below the videos. Contact jennifer.freer@rit.edu for guidance.

News Articles

Magazine and newspaper news articles are great sources for trends, competitors, market size, distribution and more. You will have to be creative in how you search and patient in reading between the lines in order to put the pieces together.

Some of the news sources in our article databases are trade magazines. These are magazines targeting professional in specific industries. You will also sometimes find free trade magazines on the web. 

Specialized Article Databases

Understanding scholarly/academic literature

Scholarly or academic articles are different from practical or popular articles. Go through this tutorial to see how they differ.

You may have some projects like larger research papers where the professor asks for a specific number of scholarly articles. Usually this means no newspaper or magazine articles will count toward that number.

In classes requiring a research based papers instead of practical information you will use databases like the ones listed below. Keep in mind some of these (like ProQuest and Busness Source Elite) happen to contain both popular articles and scholarly articles so you need to know what a scholarly article looks like. Sample scholarly article

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