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MGMT 735 Management of Innovation: Brightline

Last Updated: Mar 2, 2023 9:52 AM

Introduction to researching case study background info

As companies take actions in the world sometimes what they do is observable and other times it simply stays within the company.

In July of 2021 Virgin Galactic broadcast across multiple platforms, and picked up by many media outlets, the launch of their new space vehicle designed for tourists. This was a staged and marketed event to demonstrate safety, generate interest and sell tickets. Most actions by companies as they develop a product, service, function or brand are not made public or observable.

But information can sometimes bleed out through news outlets, observations by the general public, filings with federal or state government agencies, or items intentionally released by the company to shape perception or usually to inform investors.

News can take the form of regional newspapers, radio or tv stations doing stories of interest to the immediate community. In Rochester, NY the local paper is the Democrat and Chronicle They have covered Kodak for decades because the community has an interest in what is happening to this large employer. 

Observations by the general public might take the form of social media photos or videos or posts. Many times these people are hobbyists interested in this topic. They may or may not have expertise with what they are observing and commenting on.

Company released information might be press releases, filings with federal and state agencies, investor calls, advertisements, social media posts.

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