MEDS 515 Medical Pathophysiology: Search Steps


Search process

Match each search step with the appropriate biomedical publication which could be an encyclopedia/textbook and /or journal article


  1. The definition of a disease : start with biomedical encyclopedias/texbooks e.g. Access Medicine or Medlineplus 
  2. disease physical/anatomical description: :  Access Medicine or Medlineplus , New England Journal of Medicine,
  3. how does it affect the patient (vital signs): biomedical journal articles, encyclopedias
  4. how to test for iit: liver function, blood: biomedical journal articles, encyclopedias

Example articles:

UPDATE: Understanding liver function tests. (2011). Chemist & Druggist, , 14-n/a. Retrieved from .

Coates, P. (2011). Liver function tests. Australian Family Physician, 40(3), 113-5. Retrieved from

Bennink, R. J., Tulchinsky, M., de Graaf, W., Kadry, Z., & van Gulik, T. M. (2012, March). Liver function testing with nuclear medicine techniques is coming of age. In Seminars in nuclear medicine (Vol. 42, No. 2, pp. 124-137). WB Saunders.

Do not use WebMD as your scholarly primary original research information source. WebMD is a publisher funded by companies and provides secondary information sources.  Be aware of information bias when a source is funded by companies.


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