ENVS 111 Soil Science: 1.Where to start?


How to start.

Questions to think of :

  1. Where should you begin to look for information? It depends on what you need.
    • If you want to do a quick search you can use the library's SUMMON webpage search tool, or GoogleScholar with MORE@RIT app or go directly to a specific database for a more indepth search.
  2. Should you search for a website, journal article or handbooks/manuals?
  3. Why are you looking for information on this topic?
    • cited in another journal article, referenced in newspapers, be aware of spelling errors or incorrect citing
  4. Why are there so many search choices and resources?  Keep in mind that 1.information, 2.information sources and 3.information tools are continually :
  • created by individuals/groups
  • working for themselves or for governments, companies, professional associations, non profit organizations, academic institutions
  • based on discoveries, world events, environment crisis,  medical/health crisis
  • presented at conferences (but not always published-grey literature),
  • Tracked/gathered by commercial publishers/database vendors or free sources

The keywords you select during a search may not be the same words the authors or organizations use. Try synonyms and alternative keywords while searching.

Follow the numbered tabs in this guide as you search for journal articles, books, websites, newspapers, government reports, and many other types of resources.


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