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This guide will provide an overview of resources available to support the management courses at RIT China.
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Locating Ebooks

The RIT Library collection contains several hundred thousand ebooks. Ebooks are available in a variety of subjects and disciplines.  There are a couple of different ways to search for ebooks.  The boxes below will provide information on how to access ebooks from the RIT Library.

Locating Books in Summon

Locating Books in Summon:   Creative Commons, KV5

After you have generated your results list in Summon, look at the left margin column to select the options for filtering your results.  Your original results list will likely contain sources that are books (print and electronic), journal articles, newspaper articles, magazines, streamed media, etc.  If you are interested in focusing your results to only books, choose the "Book/Ebook" option to filter your results to only that type of source.

Locating E-Books in Summon:

The RIT Library has a continually growing collection of e-books in a diverse range of subject areas. You can easily locate e-books using the refinement filters within Summon.  Conduct your Summon search, refine your search to "items with full text online" and limit the content type to "Books/ebook".  Your list of results will now be only e-books. 

Locating Books Using the Library Catalog

Using the RIT Library Catalog to search allows you to refine your results to only ebooks.  To do so, click on the "Advanced Word Search" beneath the search box of the Catalog.  Enter your search terms and then add a location limit in the box beneath the search area.  In the location box, scroll to the option of "Electronic Books" and select that option.  Click "submit" and you will see a list of results that are all ebooks. Below are a few examples of ebooks in the field of management.  There are also links to dynamic lists of books on a few subject areas within the management field at the bottom of the list.


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