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Guidelines for preparing your thesis

Your thesis must include a proper TITLE PAGE, complete SIGNATURE PAGE, and ABSTRACT on ALL submissions.  If any of this information is omitted, your submission will NOT be accepted.


Writing and Citation Style:

  • Follow your department's specified style guidelines
  • If your department does not have specified style guidelines, the library recommends using the Chicago Manual of Style

Other Requirements:

  • Here are general requirements for your thesis or dissertation document
  • If your thesis is in a non-print format, please refer to these additional guidelines
  • Do NOT include a "permission to reproduce" statement with your submission
  • This Submission Checklist will help guide you as you prepare your document for submission

Important Copyright Information

Once your thesis, dissertation, capstone, or project is published, YOU automatically own the copyright as the author.  If you wish to file for formal copyright protection, please see the relevant section of this guide's Frequently Asked Questions page.

Since your work will appear in the RIT Digital Institutional Repository, an Open Access repository, you are responsible for carefully reusing material copyrighted by others.

All external material you refer to or reuse in your work must be properly attributed.

Reusing visual material (tables, charts, graphs, images, illustrations, artwork, etc.)

Though you may ask for permission from the rightsholder, you could claim that such reuse is covered by Fair Use.  See our InfoGuides on Copyright and Fair Use for details.

Any questions about fair use or contacting publishers for reuse permissions?  Contact your college liaison librarian.

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