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Found Objects E-Books

Below are a sampling of e-books from the RIT LIbrary catalog.  More books are available by searching the catalog directly at: http://albert.rit.edu/ .

Cover Art
Junk - Gillian Whiteley
Call Number: e-book
ISBN: 9781848854123
Publication Date: 2010-12-15


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  • Found, Recycled and Upcycled Art
    New art created from everyday items.

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RECYCLED: Dog Sculpture, Buttons Art, Google Search, Children Toys, Recycled Toys, Robert Bradford, Dogs Sculpture, Recycled Art, Kids Toys

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Web Resources for Found Objects

From Pinterest

Lee Gainer’s work is organic in it’s appearance, like a field of flowers, but created from many bits of man-made materials. Each took just over a month to build. Pieces contain a variety of recycled - upcycled - materials such as fabric, paper, felt, foil, caps, carpet, metal, plastic, styrafoam, dried paint, beads, padding and cardboard, that have been hand-rolled into circles and swirls. Beautiful way to turn ordinary everyday objects into art.: Wall Art, Fields Of Flower, Junk Mail, Crafts Ideas, Fabrics Paper, Paper Scrap, Magazines Art, Lee Gainer, Recycled Art

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