MTSC 231 Contemporary Science: Biology, RIT Kosovo: Research Tools

Search Journals @ RIT

Search Journals @ RIT is an easy way to quickly determine if the RIT Library subscribes to a given journal, newspaper, or magazine publication. If we do, this tool will identify which database contains it or if it is in print form.

Citation Linker

The Citation Linker is a tool designed to help you locate articles directly within the databases. Fill in the elements from your citation and let the Citation Linker do the rest!

Databases Finder

Millions and millions of articles, reports, e-books and data points are available to you through our databases.

Interlibrary Loan - IDS Express

If the RIT Library doesn't have what you need, place a request via Interlibrary Loan - IDS (Information Document Service) Express. We'll get it for you!



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