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Identifying Class Textbooks

  • If your professor made arrangements with the bookstore the course textbooks will be listed in SIS (Student Information System) and on the bookstore website.
  • Your syllabus is the definitive source for course assigned textbooks. Locate the syllabus in myCourses after the professor makes your course shell available. The library has no access to myCourses course shells.


Links To Resources Mentioned Above

Does the library have textbooks for business classes?

Yes and No. I buy some of the business textbooks, usually for core undergraduate and MBA classes, but cannot guarantee we will have all the books for any given semester. In the past few years some textbook publishers have moved to a leasing model and/or are not available for libraries to redistribute. 

Ultimately students are responsible for having assigned course textbooks and should be cautious and thoughtful when relying on library copies. Using a library can save money but there are other costs such as not having a copy available when you want to use it or not having access to electronic supplements. Think about your individual class needs and if using a communal copy is a good option.

What Should You Know/Consider About Using a Reserve Library Textbook?

  • RESERVE copies of books are intended to be shared with many students across the semester. As a result how they may be borrowed is restricted.
  • These books are kept on RESERVE at the Circulation Desk and may be borrowed for a few hours at a time for use only inside the library during open hours. These books may not be borrowed overnight. Take Note: Reserve refers to an area of the library and not the ability to reserve the books. Reserve items are available on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Electronic supplements are NOT included when the library buys and loans a textbook.
  • A word of advice: Do not use a library reserve textbook as your sole access to a textbook as borrowing is on a first come, first serve basis. Books may already be checked out when you plan to use it. Be flexible in your expectations. Treat library copies as convenience copies.
  • If a library textbook is damaged, lost or stolen it will not be replaced.
  • If you need a book for a class that you want to control when and where you use it, buy or lease a copy from the RIT Bookstore.


Search the library catalog by title, author or ISBN to see if we own a copy of your textbook:

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