American School for the Deaf Historical Records: Introduction

Dr. Rebecca Edwards and Dr. MaryBeth Kitzel, with the support from the Department of Inclusion and Diversity, traveled to the American School for the Deaf (ASD) to conduct research. ASD granted them permission to share the records.


Dr. Rebecca Edwards and Dr. Mary Beth Kitzel, from the History Department at the College of Liberal Arts, conducted research using the records at the American School for the Deaf (ASD). The Department of Diversity and Inclusion supported their research project and ASD granted permission to make the records publicly available.

Dr. Edwards researched black students who attended ASD during the 19th century. She wrote about Adam Metrash in her book,  Words Made Flesh. The students are:

Charles Hiller (1825-1829)

Susan Boardwin (1845-1851)
Reuben Jones (1828-1833)

George Boardwin (1845-1851)

Horace Way (1830-1834) Adam Metrash (1851-1857)

Cyrus Randall (1840-1849)

Sarah Taylor (1860-1865)

Henry Simons (1844-1849)

Susan Cisco (1861-1866)

Delia Boardwin (1845-1851)

Samuel Graham (1866-1871)

Robert Metrash (1872-1877; he was Adam's son--he was still listed as a pupil in 1877 --not entirely sure that was the year he graduated) (Edwards, 2016).

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