BIOL 204 Intro. Microbiology:: 1. COVID , SARS. Pandemics

This guide supports microbiology class discussions, assignments, and laboratory projects on microbiology, SARS Cov-2, and Covid 19.

Treatment update

                                                       Cornerstones of care

How do you treat coronavirus? Here are physicians’ best strategies By Kelly ServickJennifer Couzin-FrankelCatherine MatacicPosted in: Science Health  Coronavirus doi:10.1126/science.abi5263

Latest Science issue 12 March 2021 Vol 371, Issue 6534

"Doctors have few treatments for the early stages of COVID-19, but have developed a small arsenal of therapies to employ as symptoms become more severe. Research continues on how and when to administer drugs, oxygen, and other treatments.

  • Fluids, rest, acetaminophen
  • Monoclonal antibodies appear to reduce risk of hospitalization in outpatients at high risk of severe disease...
  • The antiviralremdesivir is widely used in hospitalized patients, but evidence is mixed on its ability....
  • Oxygen, delivered through nasal prongs, a mask, or an inva-sive breathing tube, is crucial to COVID-19 care........
  • .Anticoagulants can prevent blood clots that are common in COVID-19 patients, but physicians must weigh the risk .....
  • The immunosuppressant drugs dexamethasone and tocilizumab have both reduced mortality in large clinical trials of hospitalized patients, showing that it's possible to tame the potentially deadly inflammation that characterizes ........."

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