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FDTN 122 2D Design II Aloisio Project 4 Sequence & Beauty: Other Animation resources


Additional Animation Resources

Animation Infoguide

Here is the infoguide for the Animation 121 class with additional resources highlighted.


Deaf Film Festivals - Animation Highlights

These are from the Deaf Rochester Film Fest InfoGuide. https://infoguides.rit.edu/drff/2020

All the videos listed are from different years.

Chasing Cotton Clouds (Drama) by Samuel Dore
Award-winning drama about a Deaf boy grieving for his father, who creates a fantasy world to cope with the alienation he feels. As he struggles at school and at home, can he find his way back from a world of made out of cardboard and glue to the real world? Featuring stunning animation that contrasts with a gritty inner-city setting, this film won the award for best film at Deaffest 2011.

Exhibition of Loyalty (Animation and Fantasy) By Tony Fowler
Exhibitor stresses to solve the puzzles in his nightmare. He faces challenges to return to reality. His symbolic character is a reflection of his state of mind and emotion. At the end he re-invents himself as a whole new person by restructuring his way of thinking and being loyal to himself and others.

Skating on Thin Ice (Fantasy, Animation) By Tony Fowler
PennyFarMan journeys to Brittlesaw Lake to find magic to restore his full range of hearing but consequences follows as he learns to accept himself.

Deafhood – The Journey by Paul Ososki

View the online video. A story about a Deaf person onto a journey discovering how American Sign Language can be part of your daily life and your identity as part of Deaf World

The Rubbish Monster by Braam Jordaan

View online video. Set in a littered squatter camp, a man carelessly casts his empty cigarette box away. When the box hits the ground, it transforms the litter into a rubbish monster humanoid which attacks the locals.

Flying fingers by Tracey D. Salaway

A computer animated film about communication barriers, in both imaginary and real worlds.

To Have, To Find by Susan Dupor

This hand animated short is the tale of a young Deaf girl's escape from reality with her dog Lucky. The film draws upon the artist's personal experiences.


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