ENVS 601 , 602, 790,795 Environmental Sci Graduate Studies: Class Conversation

AThis guide is designed for the new Environment Science Graduates by the COS/CHST librarian Dr. Boateng.

Questions to ask before you decide

  1. Who has already done the research that I am thinking of doing?
  2. Where was the research conducted? US, Local, or International?
  3. What was the focus of the prior research?
  4. Why will my research be unique from the others? state this in your intro and summary
  5. What type of sources, documents and literature were used? local resources? government
  6. Benefits of using citation management software: 

Zotero can now help you avoid relying on retracted publications in your research by automatically checking your database and documents for works that have been retracted. We’re providing this service in partnership with Retraction Watch, which maintains the largest database of retractions available, and we’re proud to help sustain their important work.

How will I increase the number of times my work will be cited?

Prior Graduate Research(document format, citing format, writing style, references, advisor)

Example subject specific database or resource

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