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What Does a Video Interpreter Do?

The image is a book cover entitled (yellow font) "Video Relay Service Interpreters" with a blue background. This is from the the NCIEC website. Video interpreting requires highly skilled and experienced interpreters to provide access between Deaf, hard of hearing, and hearing individuals. The highly demanding and complex work of the video interpreter requires experience and skill. In the 2007 NCIEC Interpreting Practitioner Needs Assessment (Cokely & Winston, 2007), interpreters identified working in video relay service settings as one of the priority education and training areas for the future.

Video Relay Service (VRS) interpreting, beginning in the mid-1990’s, is now considered commonplace in the United States. More recent, yet fast growing is Video Remote Interpreting (VRI). VRS and VRI allows people who are Deaf and use sign language to make telephone calls or to or interact with hearing people by working with video interpreters. Both VRS interpreters and VRI interpreters rely on video equipment and the internet to accomplish their work, with distinct differences. VRS interpreters facilitate telephone communication between people in separate locations, while VRI interpreters facilitate all types of communication between people in the same location, or different locations. You can look at these documents for more information. The Federal Communications Commission Document and the Federal Communications Commission Disability Rights website.

The Center at Gallaudet University (GURIEC) has resources and symposium material available in GURIEC’s Presentation Archives. In 2014, a Video Interpreting track was included in Gallaudet’s first International Symposium on Interpreting and Translation Research. Also, GURIEC developed a Video Interpreting Repository, which catalogued resources, research, and news about video interpreting.

Check out the VRS Bibliography. We have many of these materials. Use the RIT Libraries Catalog to find books and conferences, the A-Z Journal Finder to find journals, and the Dissertations database to find theses and dissertations. Check out the RID resources on video relay interpreters.

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