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There are many wonderful sign vocabulary resources available online and ASLCORE is happy to contribute in a unique way! The suggested signs you see in each ASLCORE branch are developed according to ASL linguistic principles by fluent Deaf ASL signers. Our goal is to provide descriptive signs which may serve to complement other initialized or English-influenced sign choices. These signs are presented for your consideration, modification, and adoption if they function well in your work as students, professionals, or interpreters!

ASLCORE is a Deaf-centric project which honors and celebrates Deaf Culture and American Sign Language. Our primary value is that all ASLCORE sign creations be generated by Deaf users of ASL. The content creators must be Deaf. They need not have ASL as their L1, however, they must be fluent enough in sign to communicate their content clearly and accurately to the translation team, and also understand the translation team's questions/comments/discussion without an interpreter. The translators must be "sign masters" who possess native fluency in ASL. Each sign must be agreed upon by the team by consensus, however, if an impasse does arise, there can be two versions of the sign if everyone agrees. 







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