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DeafSpace: Article, Web and Blog Postings

Article, Web and Blog Postings

Read the following for more information about DeafSpace.

Avsatthi, B. (2016, August 2).  DeafSpace - Architectural Design Support should adapt to this emerging diversity in Architecture.  [Blog post]. 

Burley, L. (n.d.) DeafSpace Empathetic Design Provides Architectural Solutions For The Hearing Impaired. [Blog post]. 

C&G Partners. (2018, May). Designs for Deaf Eyes at Gallaudet University

Davidson, C. (2018 August 8). A Look at DeafSpace Design at DC's Gallaudet University. [Blog post]. 

Desroches, D. (2017, August 2). How a University Designed its 'DeafSpace'. [Blog post]. 

Dillon, I. Gallaudet University Designs for the Deaf Community but Everyone Benefits.[Blog post]. 

Flanagan, N. (2015, September 14). When it redesigns its campus, Gallaudet hopes to pioneer architecture for the Deaf [Blog post]. 

Goldstein, L. (2019, April 17). What is deaf space and how is it designed? [Blog posting]. 

Goldstein, L. (2019, April 10). The Architecture of Deafness. [Blog posting]. 

Grant, A. Performing arts center: Lexington School for the Deaf. [Blog posting]. 

Hales, L. (2013, July 25). Architecture's first full-fledged experiment in DeafSpace design [Blog post]. 

Holder, S. (2019, March 4). How to Design a Better City for Deaf People. [Blog post]. 

Hurley, A. K. (2016, March 2). How Gallaudet University’s architects are redefining Deaf Space [Blog post]. 

Maiwald, S. (2018, January 24). Why we all need Deaf Urbanism. [Blog post]. 

Ray, T. & Cahill, K. (2019, January 14). Lighting Controls within DeafSpace. [Blog post]. 

Russell, E. (2019, February 15), ‘DeafSpace’ design principles take shape in the D.C. area. [Blog post]. 

Sheir, R. (2012, October 19). Seeing eye to eye: Examining how Deaf people move through the world [Blog post]. 

Simon, D. (2002, June 20). New performing arts center for the Deaf speaks volumes. [Blog post].  

Bahan, B. (2009). Sensory orientation. Deaf Studies Digital Journal, (1).
This is a video-based journal and the "article" is presented in sign language. This particular video has no written transcript.

Byrd, T. (2007, Spring). DeafSpace. Gallaudet Today Magazine

Georgetown SCS. (2018, October 12). Examining and Advocating for DeafSpace

Hurley, A. K. (2016, January 16). Gallaudet University’s brilliant, surprising architecture for the DeafWashingtonian

Johnson, S. (2015, September 3). Gallaudet University launches public space design competitionARCHITECT

Lecky, A. (n.d.) DeafSpace design leverages the power of color to make interiors easier to navigate, safer and more welcoming to their inhabitants. 

Pergolini, J. (2016, April 8). LEED and DeafSpace: Designing Community in Architecture. 

Rains, S. (2011, April 16). DeafSpace: Deaf Culture Meets Architecture in UDDeaf411

Schmalz, J. (2016, September 18).  DeafSpace by Design.The Chronicle of Higher Education. 

Sirvage, R. (2012). Navigational proxemics of walking signers: A paradigm shift in methodologyDeaf Studies Digital Journal, (3). 
This is a video-based journal and the "article" is presented in sign language. This particular video has no written transcript.

Society for Experimental Graphic Design. (2014). DeafSpace Exhibit Design at Gallaudet University’s Maguire Center. 

Stinson, L. (2013, August 26). The radical challenge of building a dorm for the deafWIRED

University at Buffalo, School of Architecture and Planning. (2019, February 22). Deafness and Architecture Symposium: Architecture for, by, and with Deafness.

Vaughn. A. (n.d.). DeafScape: Applying DeafSpace to Landscape.  

Daly, J. (2016 February 19). Hansel Bauman, architect at Gallaudet University, fills us in on DeafSpace architecture. [YouTube Video]: 

Dougherty, R. (2018 June 14). Richard: Designing Deaf Space. [Transcript]. 

Kouznetsova, S. (2012, April 5). DeafSpace.[Transcript].

Mitchell, N. (Director). (2011, June 11). Encountering the aesthetics of deafness: Deafspace, architecture and poetry [Radio webisode transcript]. In L. Malcom (Producer), All in the Mind.
Click on the transcript button to read the interview.

Nnamdi, K. (Director). (2012, September 13). DeafSpace: Architecture and the Deaf community [Radio webisode transcript]. fromThe Kojo Nnamdi show

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