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DeafSpace: Deaf Architects

Deaf Architects

B & W Photo of Olof Hanson 1898.This image at left is in the Public Domain from Wikipedia. One of the top Deaf architects was a graduate of Gallaudet University. His name was Olof Hanson and his 'deaf eye' influenced the way he designed buildings, often removing walls for a more open space where Deaf people could see each other. Note that Gallaudet has a Deaf Biography database that you can use to find more Deaf architects. The references listed show information about the architect and we have most if not all. Use the RIT Libraries Catalog to find the books. 

Born at Fjelkinge, Sweden; deafened in one ear from frostbite while still in Sweden, and in the other from illness very soon after his family emigrated to America when he was 13 (1875). Graduate of the Minnesota School for the deaf; B.A. (1886), M.A. (1889), and honorary D.Sc. (1914) from Gallaudet College. Architect for buildings at the Pennsylvania (Mt. Airy) and Mississippi Schools for the deaf. President of the National Association of the Deaf 1910-1913. Ordained an Episcopal minister in later life (1929); died at Seattle, WA.
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