INTB 225 Global Business Environment, RIT China: Web Resources

Overview of business resources available via the RIT Library.

World Economic Surveys

The IFO Institute conducts quarterly surveys in several countries regarding business cycle developments along with other economic factors.  The IFO Institute was formed in 1949.  Clicking on Topics, Research and Publications will lead you to a number of different reports, surveys and policy analyses.  The site is available in both German and English (click the top right menu button to select your preferred site language). 

World Economic Outlook Reports

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) consists of 189 countries working to foster global monetary cooperation, international trade, financial stabiity and sustainable economic growth.  The participating countries are listed here.

World Political Review

The World Politics Review (WPR) provides analysis of global trends in international affairs and was founded in 2006.   World Politics Review is based in Brooklyn, NY and is committed to examining global political through an international lens.  WPR states they are nonpartisan.  Information can be searched by topic and also by world region.  This is a subscription product but does allow a free 14 day trial access.

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