PHYS-602 Physics Graduate Seminar: Career sources

Managing your career is a process

                   AIP:   Exploring Options, Finding Opportunities

Bailey Groendyke, BA Music and BS Physics, Grand Valley State University, Applications Engineer, Steelcase

I am currently the acoustics lead on the Innovation Management Office team at Steelcase, which makes furniture for offices, schools, and classrooms. I specifically look into ways Steelcase can incorporate acoustics into their products, whether it be monitoring the acoustics of a space, researching new acoustic technologies for challenging areas, or applying acoustically sensitive products that improve the soundscape.

Key skills: Being creative and willing to learn. Sometimes there’s a standard way to solve a problem, but maybe there’s a new technique or material we can use that is more effective and less costly. Even though I’m the acoustics lead on the team, there is still much more that I have to learn.

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