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This guide contains material which supplements a workshop initially presented to RIT faculty in 2009. Its goal is to enlighten faculty by sharing experiences and providing links to a small sampling of the sites that enable high and low tech cheating.
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High Tech Cheating: Power Point Presentation

Cheating and Ethics Studies

Video Resources

Article Spinning

Article spinning tools piece together an article for you using portions of text from multiple sites to form a title, intro, body and conclusion.  Choose to do this manually or auto-generate an article/essay.  You can determine the total number of words, sentences per paragraph, and also alter text with the synonym database.

Subscription article spinning tools:

Free versions of article spinning tools are also available.  The free versions do not provide as many features and may limit the number of submissions.  Please note that the free versions below also contain many advertisements on their sites.

  • Free Article Spinner - "Rephrase, rewrite and paraphrase sentences, paragraphs or whole articles for free"
  • Best Free Spinner - Enter the article you wish to spin
  • Spinbot - "Article spinning, text rewriting, content creation tool"
  • EZArticle - "the spinning software is truly unique"

Paper Mill Sites

There are many paper mill sites available and they offer papers ranging from those already written to options allowing custom-ordered essays.

Following are a few of the available sites:

Paraphrasing Services

Fee or free sites that help paraphrase previous written work.

Homework Solution Sites

All Encompassing Sites

These sites offer a wide variety of services: writing papers, taking texts, and more!

How to Cheat Resources

Below is a sampling of "how to cheat" videos found online at YouTube.  There are many, many more!  Notice the number of "views" some of these videos have received!

Modifed Site Names or Removed for Legal Reasons

Many homework/papermill/test solution sites have evolved over time.  Some have modified their stated purpose, their logos, taglines, etc.  Others have been forcibly taken down due to legal action.  You may find the links below interesting for both ethical and legal reasons.

  • EZMarks - Test Banks, Solution Manuals - Click to view the Domain Seizure Notice

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