Diverse Deaf Leaders: Introduction



This InfoGuide highlights diverse Deaf people (historical and contemporary). Click on a tab to the left to explore a group you want to learn more about. Keep in mind that intersectionality is a complex topic, and there may be several identities a Deaf person has. Most people do not fit into a category but belong to several. Thank you to Colin Allen for his collaboration, and to Rachel Mazique and Rain Bosworth for their input on the InfoGuide.

Search the Gallaudet Deaf Biography database (linked below) to explore more diverse individuals in various fields. You can look up people by nationality, ethnicity, or race. Use the library catalog to find books or videos on your topic. 

Disclaimer: Apologies for any exclusion. This is an evolving document and there will be changes. If you have suggestions for other people to include, please email me at jxnwml@rit.edu. 

Intersectionality Chart

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