Strategic Plan_Sunset Industry: Locating Books

Resources for MGMT 560_ Strategy & Innovation by Dr. David Egleston

Searching Summon

The Summon search box is the default search box located on the RIT Libraries' homepage.  Summon allows you to search almost all of the library's content from a single search box!  In some ways, it is similar to a Google search of the library collection.  Just as with a Google search, a Summon search will typically deliver many, many results.  The key to success is to utilize the filters located in the margin to the left of your Summon search results.

To learn more about using Summon, watch the 15 minute captioned video embedded below.  Or, if you're ready to do some searching, go directly to the Start Your Research With Summon box below and enter in a few search terms to get started.

Start Your Research With Summon

What does MORE do for me?

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Check to see if we have the full text of your item whenever you see the MORE button! If a copy is not automatically found, an option to submit an order for the full text will appear! Click the button now to see what happens!

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