FDTN 121 2D Design I: Welcome!

Last Updated: Jan 11, 2024 4:01 PM


Welcome to the RIT Libraries! This quick guide will assist Foundations 2D Design I students in discovering narratives to serve as source material for your final project. Use the tabs on the left to explore the resources the library has to offer!

You can access this guide at https://infoguides.rit.edu/fdtn121

Reminders for Fall 2023

As you explore narratives on this page, remember the rules and requirements for your project.

Hard Rules: Stay away from narratives that have already been visually explored (the NO list on the lecture).

  • Important!! You may discover narratives via the library that are illustrated or have already been interpreted visually (in film, photos, or other art). Those are not a good option for this project! 

Soft Rules: Consider form, material, scale, silhouette, color, appropriate craft, stationary v. functioning and non-moving v. performative when creating your puppet.

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