BIOL 475 BIOL 675 Conservation Biology: How to contact me


Walk ins are welcomed. You can also make an appointment.

  • Stop by Wallace library first floor office # 1424
  • On Tuesdays from 9am to 10am at  CBT office 2nd floor #2160
  • My Monday to Friday hours are usually 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. 
  • Changes to my schedule are posted on my doors/email.

 IM : 

email :

phone:585 475-7402

Develop your Keyword strategy before you begin searching

Frame your thoughts first

  • The type of information you seek will determine which information sources to search. 
  • You may have to use general keywords and synonyms or filter out your search results with other keywords or by year, species, population type, document type,etc. :

For example do you need data and information by:

  1. Location:  (United States, specific state or country , international?  
  2. Environment:  oceans, wetlands, summer, winter?
  3. Impact? : humans? climate? invasive species?  farm soil runoff? 
  4. Social or economic issues
  5. Technology/Procedures used to measure?
  6. Statistics?
  7. Maps, satellite images, charts.
  8. History, background, definitions, etc.


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