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Accessing Library Resources through Google Scholar: Google Scholar Library Links

If you use Google Scholar as a research source, please consult this guide first - it will walk you through how to set up access to RIT subscribed resources
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2021 3:13 PM

Connect to RIT subscriptions through Google Scholar

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Google Scholar - so convenient, so easy to use... so why can't I get the full text of the article I found?!?

It's easy - you just need to make a few adjustments to connect to RIT library resources when you start your search in Google Scholar.  Follow the instructions below for our advice.

Set up your Settings

In order to link directly from your Google Scholar search results to the helpful resources provided by the library to students, faculty, and staff, follow the instructions below.

NOTE: These settings are specific to each device and each browser you use.  You may need to set them up more than once if you search using different browsers.

Step 1: From the main Google Scholar page, click the three-bar "hamburger" menu   Google Scholar hamburger menu and then click the gear-shaped Settings icon  Google Scholar Settings gear icon

Step 2: Select Library Links and search for Rochester Institute of Technology or RIT.  If you're working on campus, Google Scholar may automatically suggest this library link.  If you're working off campus, you'll probably need to enter the search terms 

Step 3: Check Rochester Institute of Technology - more@RIT in the search results, then click Save (please note: Google Scholar requires enabling cookies to retain settings)

locating RIT library access links in Google Scholar

When an article's full text is available through an RIT Libraries subscription, you will see the More@RIT link to the right of the citation

location of More@RIT link in Google Scholar search results

CAUTION - Library Links may not work each and every time. Full text is not guaranteed as Google may not update RIT holdings immediately as they change.  Keep in mind you will still need to log in with your RIT username and password when you click a More@RIT link from off campus.

Still have questions about library link settings in Google Scholar or remote access to library resources?  Contact Us!


Google Scholar Highlights - Set Up Your Settings

Captioned video courtesy of Jennifer Freer - configuring Library Links settings is covered in the first 30 seconds, but stay tuned for more useful tips on researching with Google Scholar

Continuing Research Off-Campus

Captioned video courtesy of the RIT Doctoral Student Association - recorded in May 2020

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