Information Literacy Tools: PRC Videos

PRC Video 1 - Feeling overwhelmed? (1m 21s)

PRC Video 3 - Scholarly Arguments (1m 39s)

PRC Video 5 - Finding a topic you're curious about (2m 38s)

PRC Video 7 - Asking questions (2m 42s)

PRC Video 9 - Narrowing your topic (2m 47s)

PRC Video 11 - No easy topics (0m 58s)

PRC Video 13 - Places you can go (1m 41s)

PRC Video 15 - The physical library (2m 23s)

PRC Video 17 - Beyond the internet and the library (2m 1s)

PRC Video 19 - Searching your library resources (2m 28s)

PRC Video 2 - Ten Basic Terms (1m 31s)

PRC Video 4 - Pep Talk (0m 32s)

PRC Video 6 - The trouble with strong opinions (1m 31s)

PRC Video 8 - Finding a gap in the research (1m 48)

PRC Video 10 - Marijuana legalization example (2m 21s)

PRC Video 12 - Finding information (0m 35s)

PRC Video 14 - The open web (3m 11s)

PRC Video 16 - The digital library (2m 50s)

PRC Video 18 - Searching the open web (2m 2s)

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