INTP 460 Issues in Interpreting: Books

Encyclopedias and Books

We have many books, including e-books you can use for your research. Some are listed below for your review. You can also search our ebook databases or our RIT Libraries Catalog to find specific topics you are interested in. if you are looking for a topic idea, encyclopedias are recommended. There is an interpreting encyclopedia  (e-book) you can browse below. The print book, Research, and evaluation in education and psychology: integrating diversity with quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods has been summarized in ASL. The 5h ed (2020) book is on Reserve and can be checked out for a short time (one week). 

Tip: Use the bibliography at the end of the book chapters or encyclopedia articles to find more works. 

If you need to find a video or book offsite, this short video shows you how to request an offsite item (ie, building 99).  It takes a day or two for the DVD to be delivered to the Library Services Desk, where you can pick it up. If you do not see the book available in the library building, you can request the book by clicking on the Request link in the catalog record. It usually takes one day for the book to arrive at the library for pick-up, and you will get an e-mail. 


Interlibrary Loan: Books

Many books are available in the library but sometimes you will identify books we have not bought.  Use Information Delivery Service (IDS) to order books or book chapters. This is a free service. Online students should use this service to request books that can be sent to your home if only available in print format. 

If we do not have the book in our Collection, order it from IDS

IDS requests usually take 3-5 business days.  When the item arrives you will receive an email. NTID on-campus students,  if an entire book was requested, it will be available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.  If it is a book chapter it will usually be delivered as a PDF into your IDS account. If you have the doi number, this will speed up the delivery of book chapters or books. 


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