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What is Love Data Week?

Love Data Week is an international event which aims to raise awareness and build community around topics related to data management, sharing, and data services.

In the past, RIT Libraries has hosted events featuring topics like machine learning, ethical considerations of using data collected in the community, and data uses across disciplines.

2023 Love Data Events


Wednesday, February 8 | 11:00-12:00: Sensing Networks for Data-Driven Decisions in Africa (Anthony Vodacek, Imaging Science, College of Science)

Register here (Zoom):

The economic, educational, and political development of African countries is destined to be one of the main stories of the 21st century. Data from remote sensing and sensor networks (Internet of things – IoT) can play a key role in supporting decision-making across a range of application areas and African researchers are keen to apply sensing networks to their problems. I will discuss two ongoing research projects built around sensing systems in an African context. One is the use of acoustic networks for agricultural monitoring and the other supports remote sensing of water quality in the African Great Lakes.


Thursday, February 16 | 11:00-12:00: Spatial Data: Unlocking the Power of Place and Process (Brian Tomaszewski, GCCIS)

Register here (Zoom):

Most data contain a spatial component. This can range from something as simple as an address location to electromagnetic energy about land cover conditions collected in pixels from satellite imagery. Despite the widespread composition of data with a spatial component, spatial data analytical and visual methodologies are still relatively unknown in broader data analytical fields. In this talk, Dr. Tomaszewski will present an introduction to the classic concept of why “spatial is special”. Topics will include discussion of the unique aspects of spatial data, unique methodologies that can be used to find insight into spatial processes, and challenges and opportunities with spatial data visualization. The talk will be illustrated with numerous examples from Dr. Tomaszewski's research focused on the use of spatial data for solving problems in the disaster management and international humanitarian domains.


Friday, February 17 | 1:00-2:00: Cultural Heritage Imaging: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Creating, Interpreting, and Disseminating Data (Juilee Decker, Museum Studies Program & David Messinger, Imaging Science Program)

Location: 076-1125 (Carlson Lecture Hall)

More info here:

Join us for a talk about our NEH-funded low-cost, low barrier-to-entry multispectral imaging system to learn about the types of data we create, wrangle, manage, and share with scholars and professionals who, in turn, use this information to develop deeper, more complete understandings of cultural heritage artifacts. Our talk will highlight our work from the past year, particularly by students in museum studies and imaging science.

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