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Love Data

What is Love Data Week?

graphic promoting Love Data 2024, February 5-15 at RIT Libraries

Love Data Week is an international event which aims to raise awareness and build community around topics related to data management, sharing, and data services.

In the past, RIT Libraries has hosted events featuring topics like machine learning, ethical considerations of using data collected in the community, and data uses across disciplines.

2024 Events

How Data Can Save Family Farms with Jamie Sonneville, Agri-Trak

Monday, February 5 | 11:00am | Zoom | Register here

As a Cornell grad with a background in IT and being a 5th generation apple grower and entrepreneur, Jamie’s experience is ideally suited for leading Agri-Trak. Prior to founding Agri-Trak, Jamie was the Director of Technology for Williamson Central School District, Newark Central Schools, and Owner/CEO of itClix, a web design and social media training and consulting firm. In addition to driving Agri-Trak’s vision and mission, Jamie understands farming. She knows the challenges farmers face and how increasingly difficult it’s becoming to turn profits, especially without accurate data to inform decisions. That’s why she created Agri-Trak. Jamie is leading the charge in Agri-Trak’s commitment to building tools that help farms – every farm – in practical, powerful ways. When she’s not wearing her fearless leader shoes, she loves spending time with her husband and two boys, enjoying life with her extensive family (most of them also farmers and growers), and serving as President of her local school board.

The Intersection of Data and Photojournalism with Josh Meltzer and Jenn Poggi, RIT/CAD

Tuesday, February 6 | 11:30am | WAL-2410 | Register here:

Data is a central component in non-fiction visual storytelling, both as a source of ideas and the contextual support underpinning many photojournalism projects. Meltzer and Poggi will discuss several bodies of work, demonstrating how data was used and ultimately translated into intimate visual storytelling. 

Learning to program by transforming data into information visualization with W. Michelle Harris, RIT/GCCIS

Tuesday, February 13 | 11:00am | WAL-2410 | Register here:

Harris describes and shows the process with which she assists her students in the New Media Interactive Development and New Media Design program in creating data visualizations through topics such as data structures, file input/output, and string manipulation using tools such as the p5js library and JavaScript. Harris highlights how this process empowers students to create and explore data trends in their own information visualizations, like professional data analysts do. 

Bee My Valentine: Data Visualization in Tableau Workshop with Rebekah Walker, RIT Libraries

Wednesday, February 14 | 1:00pm | WAL-2410 | Register here:

Join RIT Libraries for an interactive workshop of Tableau Public, a free data visualization software! This session with RIT Libraries' Digital Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian will introduce attendees to basic functions of Tableau Public and include hands-on exercises using bee colony data from the USDA. 

Laptops will be available for the session.

Citizen Archivists: Empowering Student-Run Organizations to Preserve Their History with Julia Novakovic, RIT Archives

Thursday, February 15 | 5:00pm | RIT Archives Research Center, WAL-3650 | Register here:

What do data and archives have in common? (Answer: Everything!) Join the RIT Archives staff for a presentation about what archives collect and why. Then, learn about how student-run organizations on campus can ensure that their shared history is preserved and made accessible for years to come. RIT Archives will suggest resources, tools, and best practices for managing your historical records and the data that lies within.

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