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NAST 240 Administrative Support Technology Seminar: Topic

Find information on your topics using the library resources
Last Updated: Sep 22, 2023 4:22 PM

Topic Overview

You need to select focus on this topic for your presentation. There are library resources you can use to find more information. 

Two groups are doing one of these topics:  "Diverse Culture in Corporate Culture" or "Positive Relationships in the Workplace and Effects on Employee Productivity"

To find articles about diversity hiring policies, use the following keywords: inclusion AND employees; "affirmative action", diversity, "diversity in the workplace", "minority employees," and "diversity hiring policy". Check out Disability:IN where you can find inclusive companies to work for.

You can also look up ethnic groups like "African Americans", "Hispanic Americans," or Latinx. Minority groups publish their own magazines with articles about companies like Essence or Hispanic PR Wire and related titles. 

Look for companies that have been rewarded for excellent policies or practices. Check out the top 50 companies with diversity hiring policies. You may have to go to the company website and look at their Human Resources page to get an idea of their diversity hiring policies. 

Check out the following journals for articles on diversity in the workplace.

Human Resource Executive
HR Focus
HR Magazine
HR News

Use a thesaurus to expand your search. Think of other keywords that mean the same--for example, you could use specific groups of people --African Americans, Latinos, Hispanics, Native Americans, women, LGBT,  persons with disabilities, etc. 

Once you have your keywords, make a search statement. For example-- (African Americans OR Hispanics)  AND (workplace OR companies).. Another example: relationships AND "employee productivity"

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