NENG 221 Analytical Reading & Writing (Yamonaco): Topics


You can choose from the following topics:

1. Is homework helpful or harmful? 

2. Are e-Books better than paper books?

3. Is deafness a disability or a culture?

4. Are uniforms a good choice for schools?

5.  Do people have the right to own guns?

6.  Should smart phones be banned in the classroom?

7.  Has Facebook positively or negatively impacted teenagers?

8.  Does Facebook lead to "fake news" or misinformation?

9.  Should Puerto Rico become a state?

10.  Is fast food making America fat?

11.  Are parents responsible for childhood obesity?

12.  Should Indigenous People's Day replace Columbus Day?

13.  Are parents responsible for childhood obesity?

14.  Should genetically modified food be banned? 


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