Physics and AstroPhysics: How to get started with LaTeX


LaTeX Software

To begin you will need a LaTeX editor and a LaTeX distribution software.

  • LaTeX editing software is required to start formatting documents.
  • LaTeX distribution software is also needed to compile the source code and to create the document.
  • Be sure to inquire within your department for recommended software as well as assistance with the installation process. 
  • An example LaTeX editor is TeXmaker which is a free, open source editor commonly used to format LaTeX documents

Below are articles recommending the best LaTeX editing software and the special features of each editor. 

Besides using TeXmaker which is only a LaTeX editor, you will need LaTeX distribution software to compile the source code and to create the document.

The most popular of these distributions is MikTeX for Windows. Mac OS X users may want to look at MacTeX as a possible distribution. 

Again, if you are uncertain about choosing a distribution or installing LaTeX software, seek help within your department. 

Online LaTeX editors such as ShareLaTeX and Overleaf are easy-to-use online LaTeX editors that require zero setup and enable collaboration among multiple authors.  

Users new to LaTeX may want to look at this free introduction to LaTeX course offered by Overleaf.

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