RIT-NTID RISE Program for Undergraduates: Deaf Scientists

The Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement (RISE) is designed for DHH undergraduates who plan to enter Ph.D biomedical and behavioral sciences.

Deaf Scientists

Drs. Harry Lang and Bonnie Meath-Lang donated research from their book, Deaf Persons in the Arts and Sciences, to RIT/NTID Deaf Studies, Culture & History Archive. You will find articles about noted scientists. If interested in exploring this collection, make an appointment with the archivists using their contact page. The RIT Archives is located in the Wallace Library Building (5).

Other names are from Dr. Jessica Cuculick, from Dr. Harry Lang's other book, Silence of the Spheres, and our networks (for more current scientists). Some individuals have a Ph.D, M.D., O.D., D.V.M.,  have honorary doctorates, or are post-doctoral scholars. If you need more information about careers in the sciences or social sciences, use the Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Anthropologists Dougherty, George T. Willis, Stanley Edinger, Tilly       (2 folders)
Benedict, Ruth  Edington, Wallace K.    Woodcock, Kathryn Nathorst, Alfred
Carmel, Simon   Ekeberg, Anders Gustaf              Geologists Sternberg, Charles H
Astronautics (Father of) FFriedman, David     Eagar, R. M.   Pharmacists
Tsiolkovsky, Konstantin Gibson, Wallace   Kidd, Donald Dusuzeau, M. 
Astronomers Gillespie, Horace Meek, Fielding Branford     Williamson, W.C.
Aitken, Robert Frank  Goldberg, Issac Reid, Clement Physicians
Cannon, Annie Jump Guire, Oscar          Herpetologist    Fine, Peter
Tanaka, Yukiaki Hill, William Babbit, Lewis Hochman, Frank
Watson, Paul Howson, James W.            Horticulturalist  Myerson, Lee 
Bacteriologists Kannapel, Gordon Meehan, Thomas Nicolle, Charles
Atwood, Raymond T.     Little, Alondra    Illustrators Pachciarz, Judy    
Case, Lucius W. Meeron, Emmanuel Hollick, A.T. (Scientific) Price, Raphael
Conn, Harold J. Moore, Gideon Hughes, Regina O. (Botanical) Servellon, Cesar   
Hajna, Anthony Osborne, Thomas   Inventor     Sharrard, Ethel (Wyn Onston)
Jones, Clyde Picard, David Edison, Thomas (2 folders) Taussig, Helen
Wenger, Arthur and Ray Smith, Charles T.  Mathematics and/or Science         Weissenbach, Alois W.
Wiley, Averill      Van Epps, George Auerbach, Leon          Naturalist
Biochemist  Computer Science             James, David      .White, Gilbert  
Sharpless, Nansie Cerf, Vinton (Father of the Internet) Bates, Bob Physicist
Biologists Dentists Scott, Charlotte Angas   Amontons, Guillaume
Bonnet, Charles (Father of) Marsters, James C. (Orthodonist) Medical Researcher      Hinkley, Tracy
Clark, Hubert Lyman      Nies, Edwin Ballantyne, Donald Menchel, Robert
Dillehay, Jane Electrical Scientists Medical Technologist     Weitbrecht, Robert H. (2 folders) (TTY inventor)
McCarthy, Gerald Fleming, John Ambrose Cordano, Jean Scientists
Orsi, James Heaviside, Oliver Microbiologists Bradford, Don  
Parks, Edwin  Siemens, Ernst von Gavin, John Butler, Charles 
Chemists Shanklin, George Raykovic, Voya  Condamine, Charles de la
Andree, George               Electrotherapeutics  Nurse     Sauveur, Joseph
Ayers, K.B. Campbell, Edward      Davis, Francis B. (Supreme Court Case) Wilson, David H.          
Basch, Jay Engineers Nutritional Researcher Statistician
Battiste, Hume Le Prince Clark, John H. Lillie, Robert  Grabill, Wilson
Breunig, Latham Kavanagh, Jack T. Paleobotanists  
Casterline, James    Lewis, Ormond Bell, Walter  
Clark, Charles Lane   Thomson, T. Kennard Lesquereux, Leo (2 folders)  
Cornforth, John Wheeler, Ned   Paleontologists  


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