WSHN 700 Research Methods in Health and Well Being: 1.Contact info, Class Agenda

Class Agenda


  • Start with Mentimeter Poll question : url will be provided in Zoom chat 
  • Class Conversation takeaways:
  1. Library Sources: library webpage Summon, specific databases, Googlescholar with library apps.
  2. Publication types
  3. What's Trending: Literature Watch Dogs e.g. Retraction Watch, Cochrane Group,,,,
  4. Tools : Library Apps, Database/Journal Alerts
  5. Guides: Searching, writing, citing


Zoom protocol: use chat , hand symbols or speak using video. I will ask Dr. Lohse to monitor chats while I am sharing my screen.

Zoom shared view items: 1. Infoguide 2. mentimeter poll and 3. library's webpage 4. GoogleScholar


Need Help?

For further assistance by email/IM/SKYPE/Zoom

  • SKYPE NAME: leave a message at RIT COS CHST Science Librarian

     Adwoa Boateng Ed.D

   College of Science and

    College of Health Sciences & Technology

    Science Librarian


WAL room # 1424 (first floor computer area)


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