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Guy Charles Wonder: NTID Photos


NTID Photographs: Debbie (Helwig) Verraros

These photographs are available courtesy of Debbie (Helwig) Verraros, a classmate of Guy Wonder. .Thanks to Philip Rubin and Barbara Holcomb for filling in names. 

Robert Panara is giving Guy Wonder an award.

Upper row: Guy, Charles Reisinger, Fred Gravett, Bob Olson, Steve Schultz

Seated: Jeannie Kafitin Jones, Victor Galloway, Linda Kessler


1970 July. Dr. Robert Panara and Guy Wonder (soldier outfit)


1970 July.Upper Row: Guy Wonder, Debbie Helwig, Robert Frisina, Robert Panara. Lower Row: Chuck Baird, ------


Debbie (showing back), Guy, and Valerie Leel. - "Footlight Fever:"

Debbie and Guy in a French Bistro scene. "Footlight Fever"

Guy Wonder doing Kevin Nolan's make-up

Participating in a Haiku poem.

Jordan Nero and Guy (soldier's uniform), Jorjan Stoops? 


Debbie and Guy "Footlight Fever". 

Patty Vogel (?), Guy, Debbie (showing back) "Footlight Fever"

Jorjan, standing; Debbie sitting, Chuck Baird by bar; Kevin Nolan, bartender

Guy was President of the Drama Club and often did makeup.

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