English Language Center: ELCA 12 and 22: Using Sources & Citations

This guide has been created to assist students enrolled in ELCA 12 & 22.
Last Updated: Oct 4, 2023 4:07 PM

Evaluating Sources

It is important to determine the credibility and validity of anything you read, whether it's an Instagram post or a medical journal article.

Scholarship and academic publishing is a form of conversation and is contextual, ask your self questions like:

- What is the PURPOSE of this article?

- Who is the intended audience of this article?

- Is this article is a response to previous research?

- Who wrote this article?

- - Are they getting paid?

- - Is this their opinion?

- - Has this been peer-reviewed or checked for credibility? 

- Is this article and the publication current and reliable? 

Organizing your thoughts

Concept Mapping:

A concept map is a tool that is created and used to visually represent ideas and relationships. 

There are multiple free ways to make you own concept map. Such as a pen and paper, or google sheets. 


It is important to keep track of your sources, record them, and cite them for both you and your readers. Citations help your readers verify what you are saying, but it also helps prevent you, the writer, from plagiarizing. 

Plagiarizing is the act of using someone else's ideas, words, data, or more as your own. 

University Writing Program

The University Writing Program (UWP) is designed to both teach and support students as they write to learn in various phases of their RIT undergraduate career.

Expressive Communication Center

Strengthen your ability to deliver dynamic public presentations confidently, clearly, and eloquently at the Expressive Communication Center—skills that give you an advantage on the job and throughout your life. 

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