Researching Made Easier: Take Aways

This guide is for you if you have been struggling on how to start searching for information for your course assignments

Guide Purpose

The purpose of this guide is to help you get started with your research.



  1. Do you know what the library can help you with? 

  2. Where do you look for library owned journal articles and books ?
  3. Have you used AI- Chat GPT? 


You can find scholarly and real documents by using the library's Research Databases or Library's webpage search box(Summon) or individual journals or Google Scholar.with MORE @ RIT library apps

  • GOOD HABIT TO DEVELOP Frame your thoughts using PICO strategy before you begin type.

    • P= stands for the problem or population or person  or process you need to know about?

    • I= Intervention which is a tool, method or process that needs to be used with the problem?

    • C=Comparison. Do you need to find articles that compare interventions and solutions to the problem?

    • O=Outcome means What do you need to read about in the results/conclusions of the journal articles?

  • To get better search results, look at the keywords the authors use for a topic.

  • The best type of journal article has the original data (primary article) and has been peer reviewed by the editor or committee.

  • Systematically reviewed scholarly primary articles are the best because they have had their research reviewed again by a different group for accuracy and repeatability.  

  • When searching just type "systematic review" next to your keywords while searching. 

  • Citation:  It is always a good habit to give credit to the author/creator of the original data, information or image.

  • When you don't and just copy/paste information into your research paper this is called plagiarizing.  If you are a musician, or an artist or author you would not like this to be done with your creations.


If you have questions as you begin your research, please feel free to make a consultation appointment with your librarian – we are always happy to help!

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