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Academic Integrity and Citation

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Rochester Institute of Technology strives to create an environment where student, staff, and faculty hold themselves to high standards of academic integrity.  The policies regarding student academic integrity are outlined very clearly on the University Policies' webpage.  A violation of student academic integrity may fall into any of the three following areas:

  • Cheating - Cheating is defined by the Student Academic Integrity Policy as "any form of fraudulent or deceptive academic act, including falsification of data, possessing, providing, or using unapproved materials, sources, or tools for a project, exam, or body of work submitted for faculty evaluation."
  • Duplicate Submission - "Duplicate submission is the submitting of the same or similar work for credit in more than one course without prior approval of the instructors for those same courses."
  • Plagiarism - The final form of academic integrity breach is plagiarism, which is described by the Student Academic Integrity Policy as "the representation of others’ ideas as one’s own without giving proper attribution to the original author or authors. Plagiarism occurs when a student copies direct phrases from a text (e.g. books, journals, and internet) and does not provide quotation marks or paraphrases or summarizes those ideas without giving credit to the author or authors. In all cases, if such information is not properly and accurately documented with appropriate credit given, then the student has committed plagiarism."

For more information and to read the Student Academic Integrity Policy in full, please follow this link.

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Citation Information

APA Citations

Citation Tools

There are several internet based tools that can help you create, store, and manage your citations.  EndNote and Zotero are two online citation tools that are supported by the library staff here at RIT.  Classes may be offered from time to time on the use of these two citation tools. 

Other online citation tools are NoodleTools, MendeleyBibMe, and CiteULike.  There are also several citation manuals in the library collection that can assist you with your citations.


MLA Citations

EasyBib Citation Generator

This is a quick citation generator tool for MLA citations only.  

Instructions: Hover your mouse over the "Cite Your Sources" dropdown menu below, and then follow the prompts to create the proper type of citation.

EasyBib: the bibliography maker.

Your Librarians

Did you know that every college on campus has its own librarian?  This means that you can get specialized help with your citations from someone who has an understanding of your field of study!

Click this link to find out which librarian you should talk to for guidance about citations in your area of research.

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