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IMGS 606/607 Imaging Science: Databases, Journals


Journals and databases

  1. Your research will require analyzing prior research, current research and discussions on the future of your research topic.   Searching for information is an ongoing process which can be managed with tools e.g. Endnote/Zotero/Mendeley, Email Alerts, RSS feeds,  Dissertation/Thesis Time Management Scheduler.
  2. Double check the author or publisher's permission to use photos/images in your document.
  3. Check with your advisor about what citing format you should use in your documents.
  4. Check with your advisor on the format of your thesis or dissertation


  1. Thinking of local or International projects or issues?
  2. reviewing Bird migration problems with drones? 
  3. Airport/Aviation: facial recognition, COVID health bird problems?
  4.  remote sensing 
  5. medical health COVID applications
  6. AI, software, algorithms
  7. California wildfires, floods
  8. military defense projects
  9. ?????????????


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