Statistics: Literature Research Process

This guide will be periodically updated with information on example topics: Big Data, Clinical Trials, Statistical Modeling, Wiley Series in Probability & Statistics, Time Series Analysis & Forecasting, Lean Six Sigma, SAS software, etc.

The Process

 1. Prior/Historical information, 2. current information and 3.discussions of the future of the topic you have selected, will dictate which type of databases, publications to search with your keywords

When selecting scholarly peer reviewed journals make sure the article has the following criteria: references, abstract, introduction, method, results/summary and conclusion.

  • Searching for information and then citing your references is an ongoing process which requires attention in order to avoid plagiarism. 
  • Visit the RETRACTION WATCH website.
  • Be aware that the use of images requires the permission of the author or publisher.
  • There are tools to help manage this process e.g. Endnote, email article Alerts, etc.  Even the EPA uses Endnote while developing its EPA research reports.
  • The library has tools to help graduates manage their times. for projects and graduate research.

 You can always contact your Librarian, Dr. Boateng for assistance with your projects.  You can also click on the Get Help button in this guide.

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