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This guide will be periodically updated with information on example topics: Big Data, Clinical Trials, Statistical Modeling, Wiley Series in Probability & Statistics, Time Series Analysis & Forecasting, Lean Six Sigma, SAS software, etc.


Use this guide as a link to key library services and resources. 

  • To locate books and journals available at the library, use the library catalog .
  • To get fulltext articles from journals that the library does not own use IDS (1-4 days email delivery)

Always feel free to contact me, your librarian Dr. Boateng when you need assistance.

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  • Citing helps the reader follow and find the articles you read
  • There are multiple journal publishers who decide on which citing format to use in their publications
  • Journal publishers provide their peer review procedures and instructions
  • Before using images in your papers double check if the image creator has provided permission to use the image.

Publishing Trivia

  • Professional Associations influence which citing format to use e,.g American Chemical Association (ACS), IEEE
  • " the first major scientific journals were produced in the 17th century, namely the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London and the Journal des Scavans, both beginning in 1665. Many early journals were associated with scientific societies, and the production of a journal became an important aspiration of any serious scientific organization..." Source:Miller, D. P. (2000). Journals. In A. Hessenbruch (Ed.), Reader's guide to the history of science. London, United Kingdom: Routledge. Retrieved from
  • With the introduction of printing into Europe in the middle of the 15th cent. (see type), book publishing sprang into lively existence. The author, the printer, and the publisher of a work were sometimes all the same person, as in the case of members of the Estienne family in France in the 16th cent. Source:Book publishing.. (2016). In Columbia University & P. Lagasse, The Columbia Encyclopedia. New York, NY: Columbia University Press. Retrieved from
  • 15th century:Gutenberg printing, 1455-Gutenberg bible

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