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UWRT 150 Writing Seminar (Schmitz): Reference Works & Books

This guide points to resources related to the book, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks.

Finding Encyclopedias & Books

Use these encyclopedias for topic ideas related to the Henrietta Lacks book. The Encyclopedia of Bioethics, The Encyclopedia of Cancer, The Encyclopedia of the Human Genome, and The Ethics of Sex and Genetics. The Ideas in Conflict series, Current Controversies, and ABC-CLIO books are publishers and good sources if browsing for topics. Also browse the Human Experimentation books for more ideas.

You can use the RIT Libraries Catalog to find these books and type in keywords such as cloning or stem cells to find books.If you are interested in deaf issues, type in  the keywords deaf and bioethics.  If you have a citation, try the Citation LInker to locate the material.

Tip: Use the bibliography at the end of the book chapters or encyclopedia articles to find more works. You can find book reviews  of the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks at the author's website.

Books Examples


Check out these ebook databases for more titles related to your topic.

Interlibrary Loan: Books

Many books are available in the library but sometimes you will identify books we have not bought.  Use Information Delivery Service (IDS) to order books or book chapters. This is a free service.

IDS requests usually take 3-5 business days.  When the item arrives you will receive an email.  If it is an entire book it will be available for check-out at the Circulation Desk.  If it is a book chapter it will usually be delivered as a PDF into your IDS account. 

Topic Ideas from Bluford LIbraries

Suggested Topics

Cloning, stem cells, gene mapping, DNA banks, human experimentation, health insurance, designer babies, gene therapy, organ transplants, organ donations, organ grafting, public health care, community health care, bioethics, health care with minorities, health care and Deaf, health care and Blacks or African-Americans, racial politics and medicine, racial profiling and medical research, health care and the poor, cancer research, bio-technology, auditory stem implants, cochlear implants, Tuskagee experiment, Nuremberg Code, Nuremberg Trials, informed consent, mental institutions, paying prisoners to take part in dangerous medical experiments, legal disputes over the collection and use of tissue samples such as the Havasupai tribe against Arizona State University, Texas parents over the collection of blood samples from newborn children and the controversy at the University of CA re: Berkeley's request that incoming freshmen submit DNA samples, etc.

Choosing Topics via LIV@RIT

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